Our family members would like to take this opportunity to express our extreme gratitude to all of you at the Willow Creek Memory Care Center for all that you do. It is rare to find an organization that seems to have chosen the most committed and dedicated individuals to serve in a profession that requires the best of you every day.

Our beloved mother, Evelyn McMendone, spent the last five years of her life at Willow Creek in day care, respite, and full time residential care. Every day, the staff delivered their special brand of TLC to ensure that Mom was attended to and fully engaged in all aspects of your services. I watched as your staff treated her as if she was a member of their own personal family. This helped us to trust you to care for our beloved Mom. I have no doubt that their individual love and care came from the heart.

As we neared the last days of Mom's life, the professional care that Mom received was excellent. The extension of that professional care to family members was beautifully executed by the nursing and administration staff members. The steps taken to help the family members accept and process the loss of our Mom were delivered with love and care. In the end, we believed that our loss was your loss because you loved her too.

Thank you to all the members of Willow Creek Memory Care Center for your dedication, care, and love that we have seen exhibited on a daily basis to your clients. We are forever grateful that you loved our Mom as well as you did. God bless you all.

Daveda Russell and Janet McClendone, Las Vegas, NV