Dad responds to the staff, and even more how they take such good care of him.

My initial introduction to Willow Creek was the most memorable by far. I'm sure that many people experience the same feelings as I did at that time. When a parent, or loved one, is coming to that stage in their life, when they are no longer able to care for themselves, and family members have exhausted their resources and abilities, you come to realize that professional help is needed. Along with that realization comes many other feelings and emotions, especially that of guilt.

Prior to visiting Willow Creek Memory Care, I had checked out many facilities. Most of them felt cold, sterile, and very hospital-like. The word “institution” came to mind. So the day I came into WCMC, I was immediately impressed with the exterior, which resembled a family home. The flowers and beautiful glass doors greeted me. There was colorful carpeting, pictures on the wall, and comfy sofas everywhere. And then came the staff…Alma, who kindly and gently guided me through the building, as well as the process of transition. Literally, I was in tears. To be in a place that felt like a sense of home was all I wanted for my dad.

Somehow things fell into place, and eventually there was a vacancy for Dad. Even though the first two weeks were far harder on me than Dad, he and I both survived [smile]. When I first saw him after that time period, I fully expected an angry father, because I had left him there. Quite the contrary. He warmly greeted me and proceeded to give me a tour of the place. Especially the courtyard area, which he loves the most. You can usually find my father outside, enjoying the fresh air. (If you see little piles of rocks outside, he’s the one responsible for that!)

One full year has nearly come and gone. I love how Dad responds to the staff, and even more how they take such good care of him. He gets smiles, hugs, and plenty of human connection from everyone. Absolutely EVERYONE!!! There’s a sense of respect from the staff that is quite impressive. The activities are conducted by very creative, professional, and thoughtful staff members. The special events, which are provided for family members, give us an opportunity to enjoy the happy times with our loved ones and meet with other families. There’s just a feeling of joy and peace that makes it quite special. I am truly thankful, that my dad, Glenn, is able to spend his final years at Willow Creek Memory Care Center.

Glenn's Family